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Rejuvejen Aesthetics

In recent years, cutting edge science has been at the forefront of beauty, aesthetics and the wellness industry. This growing popularity to achieve a healthier youthful appearance has led to various unsafe treatments. At RejuveJen pharmacy-prescribed products are used exclusively to ensure 100% quality and safety of all treatments. I have spent 10 years as an RGN (registered general nurse) and have extensive training in aesthetics. Credentials and certificates are on display for all customers to see.

Aesthetics and restorative therapies have been proven to have profound impacts on the improvement of a persons psychosocial well-being in all areas of their life. My natural flair for creative aesthetics and attention to detail has enabled me to help others feel empowered and more confident.


Discover dermal fillers, products injected under the skin to replace volume loss or augment the aesthetics of the face.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Learn more and discover proven Botulinum toxin injections, to help facial lines and wrinkles at Our Rejuvejen Clinic.

FDA Approved FAT Loss

Discover prescription based FDA approved fat dissolving injections/ appetite suppressant once daily injection pens.

At RejuveJen I offer a range of bespoke aesthetics looks , FDA approved fat loss body contouring treatments.
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